Life Group Leader Video Instructions

Here are some step by step instructions of how to record and upload the weekly life group leader videos.

Step 1. – Open iMovie

Step 01

Step 2. – Create a new project in iMovie

Step 02

Step 3. – Name iMovie Project and Click “Create”

Step 03

Step 4. – Record video in iMovie (Import from Camera)

Step 04

Step 5. – Capture movie in iMovie.  When finished recording click “Stop” then “Done”

Step 05

Step 6. – Drag recorded movie into project window

Step 06

Step 7. – Export movie (Share)

Step 07

Step 8. – Name video “yyyymmddvenue”  Be sure to use the full 8 digit Sunday date and venue in lowercase.  (ie. “20130929holt” or “20130929msu”)  Using the wrong naming will keep the video from being displayed in the Life Group email.  Select “Large” size and click export.


Step 9. – Open Cyberduck

Step 09

Step 10. – Open finder folder with saved movie and open Cyberduck LG Leader video bookmark

Step 10

Step 11. – Open Cyberduck series folder (ie. genesis)

Step 11

Step 12. – Drag movie from computer folder to Cyberduck folder

Step 12

Step 13. – Wait for transfer to complete.  When upload finishes you are done.  Quit Cyberduck application, iMovie, and close finder window.

Step 13

This completes the instructions for recording and uploading the weekly life group leader videos.  If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].