Here you will find the latest information and procedures pertaining to running camera.

Holt Venue Camera Operator Checklist

MSU Venue Camera Operator Checklist

REO Town Venue Camera Operator Checklist

Westside Venue Camera Operator Checklist

Recording Procedures

Band Camera Checklist

Holt & REO Town Band Camera Checklist

Sony Baptism Camera Checklist

Camera Post Service Sunday

These instructions have been depreciated. Please see Camera Post Service Saturday for our current procedures.

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Camera Post Service Saturday

We’re now adding a few post service procedures for camera on Saturday night. These steps will make sure that the recorded message from Saturday makes it to our venues on Sunday morning. Here’s the steps to make that possible. 1. Unplug the Westside SSD, REO Town SSD, MSU SSD, and LCCC SSD from the rack […]

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Media Express

With the addition of our 3rd venue, we’re switched to using the iMac to capture from Sony lock down camera instead of the JVC IMAG camera. There is a new capture software that accompanies this switch. This does NOT replace the recording on the Blackmagic SSD decks, so please continue to do that as well. […]

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Goodbye iMovie

With the recent release of OS X 10.9 Mavericks, we have upgraded most of our production computers from Snow Leopard to the latest Apple operating system.  In the process of this upgrade however, we lost the old iMovie, and this new one just isn’t going to work for recording the IMAG camera anymore.  So there’s […]

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Sony Camera Zoom & Focus

Finding the correct focus and framing for the sony lock-down shot can be a bit of a trick.  These things should not change from week to week, but if you do need to reset the zoom and focus on this camera, here’s some tips that will help you get the perfect setup. Start by zooming […]

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Recording Camera

As some of you have already seen, we have recently replaced the little Canon camera with a new Sony camera.  This move has greatly increased the video quality of our messages which are used for the website, MSU, and soon the REO venue.  Here’s some things you need to know about the new camera. This […]

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