Westside Venue Camera Operator Checklist

Read through this document before every service with live teaching.

Before Service

  1. Power on camera.
    1. Open flip out screen on left side of camera.
    2. Remove lens cap from camera lens.
  2. Setup Blackmagic video recorder.
    1. Insert SSD drive into the left drive bay on the Blackmagic video deck.
    2. Press the “Input” button to select SDI input.
      1. Video should appear on the Blackmagic deck display
  3. Ask the speaker to stand on stage.
    1. Make sure the speaker takes their mic.
    2. Have speaker stand on the center of the black marks on stage with their head up.
  4. Set zoom, headroom, framing, and focus on the camera.
    1. Zoom: Have the speaker walk to the left and right black marks on stage.  They should be close to the edge of the frame but not go outside the white box.
    2. Headroom:  The top of the speaker’s head should touch the top line of the white box on the display.
    3. Framing:  The speaker should be center frame when they are centered between the marks on stage.
    4. Focus: Turn the front ring of the canon camera lens to adjust focus.  Be sure to move the focus ring back and forth to find the sweet spot.  Look for sharp thin lines on a plaid shirt, sharp lines in hair, or defined readable text on a coffee mug as guides.
  5. Check audio level and quality.
    1. Ask the speaker to talk.  Verify that the audio meters are averaging about 2/3 to 3/4 up the scale.  Plug in a set of headphones and listen to confirm that the sound is clean and not distorted.
    2. If the audio levels are too high or low, or the sound is distorted, work with the sound person to get it fixed.  Switches on side of camera should be as follows:
      1. Rec Select Ch1-Ch2
      2. ATT – 0dB
      3. Input1 – Line
      4. Man
      5. Level dial at 9
  6. Verify that all the other settings are as follows (displayed on the flip out screen).
    1. XAVC 1080/60i 50
    2. F5.6
    3. 6db
    4. 60
    5. 3200K
  7. Check the OOS and with the service producer on what needs to be recorded.

During Service

  1. During the Welcome & Announcements, double check the framing & audio levels.
  2. Start recording on Blackmagic deck during the announcements before the Title Package video.
  3. Stop recording during offering after the message.

After Service

  1. Power down the camera.
  2. Remove the SSD drive from the Blackmagic deck.
  3. Place the SDD drive in the black WSV transport bin.