Sony Camera Zoom & Focus

Finding the correct focus and framing for the sony lock-down shot can be a bit of a trick.  These things should not change from week to week, but if you do need to reset the zoom and focus on this camera, here’s some tips that will help you get the perfect setup.

Start by zooming in all the way on the teacher while they are on stage.  Carefully adjust the focus ring until the lines on the speaker’s shirt “pop out” or you can clearly read their coffee mug or edge of their bible.  Check your focus by looking at the focus graph on the bottom center of the sony camera display.  The left side of the focus bar should be above the “0” of the 50′ mark.  Once you have set your focus, zoom back out to get the whole speaking area in frame.  On the left side of the camera display there is a zoom number.  That number should be at 85 when you’ve reached the correct zoom.

Sony Camera Setup

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