Band Camera Checklist

Before Service

  1. Turn camera on.


  2. Back out of any menu that appears on the screen until you see the live capture in the viewfinder.


    1. You should see something like this:


  3. Press the “Zoom” button. You should see a “-” sign in the magnifying glass after you hit it.


    1. Successful zoom:


  4. Confirm the audio settings on the right side of the camera.
    1. “L”
    2. Gain – Manual
    3. Low Cut – Off


5 Minutes Before Service

  1. Press “Record” button ONLY ONCE to start recording.


    1. If the top of the viewfinder screen shows a red circle record icon the camera is successfully recording.


  2. Stop recording during the announcements before the message.
  3. Start recording again during the prayer at the end of the message.
  4. Stop recording after the last song or band outro if applicable.

After Service

  1. Shut down the camera by pressing and holding the power button.
  2. Remove camera from tripod and place in the weekend service bin.