Snakes, Birds & the Truth

Our first set in the new building expansion at Riverview, probably one of the most challenging and mind boggling sets we have ever done.


What we did: Where to start? I guess I’ll go chronologically… Kate and I put up the bubble-wrap on the back wall (yes, that is bubble-wrap) on Sunday afternoon following the last message of our previous series, Sketch. Monday we cut and painted the weird quadrilaterals with help from Kristie, Kate and Linda. Tuesday and Wednesday we got our lighting hung and Andy built the projection screen. A tip about hanging lighting: make sure you get two inch outside diameter pipe, not two inch inside diameter and really, it may not be a bad idea to take a clamp with you to double-check the size. The projection screen is a 2×4 frame with eighth inch underlay and a painted canvas drop-cloth mounted to the front.

Hanging everything was a huge challenge but we’re trying not to attach anything to the wall in the new building. What complicated the hanging issue was that everything had to be hung in a particular order because it is all different distances from the back wall. We’ve gotten some great positive feedback about this set and I think it set a higher standard for quality in our future designs.


The projected images and video are all masked so that they only appear on the hanging shapes and screen. Kristie and Noel handled that process so I don’t know how long it took but there are ongoing adjustments because of how the hanging shapes settle from week to week.

There are a few more pictures here.

We are currently working on logistics for our next two sets, one should be fairly scaled back and will be up for two weeks and another that is relatively involved which will run through October into the first part of November.

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