The Napkin Manifesto

“The Napkin Manifesto” series at Riverview.


We ripped out the wall that had been up for the last few series’ sets and quickly proceeded to build a 30ft diner-style counter. The front of the counter is made from 4x8ft sheets of tile board (looks kind of like tile and has texture but it’s definitely not real tile) cut down in three sections. The the drum riser and the middle section of tile board on the counter was hand-painted in a checker pattern. The counter-top (painted plywood) has a strip of floor threshold attached to the front of it so it looks legit.


We had a bunch of stools shipped in and assembled them, and a generous friend lent us their diner-style cocktail table for the duration of the series. At the end of the series we’ll be selling the stools locally since they are too expensive to keep in the budget.

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