How To Kill a Church

How To Kill A Church, a series at Riverview, April 2010.


A local construction company allowed us to borrow a trailer full of rubble and cinder blocks. After hauling the rocks in and getting them arranged (with plastic drop cloth protecting the carpet) we started building our steeple. The steeple was built almost entirely from scrap materials from other sets. The siding is ripped down 1/4in plywood and there are 1x4s trimming the edges. Once the basic structure was together we started on the cupola and “stained glass” window (actually made with plexi glass, light filters/gels and gaff tape.) The finishing touch was shingling the roof and setting the top on. There is a 60watt light inside hooked up to a dimmer.


The projection is different depending on the part of the service we are in and there are some subtle video background effects (birds and waves) during the music sets.


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