Holt Lobby Sound System

It’s been a long time coming, but finally it’s here!  This last week we installed a new sound system for the lobby that is separate from the auditorium system.  This will make it a whole lot easier to hold events in the lobby and keep the auditorium systems used only for band practices and weekend services.  The whole setup only took about a day, and was a fairly simple process.

Start by cutting a rack sized hole in the wall between the AV booth and the auditorium entranceway.


Rack mount equipment.


Pull a couple of cables under the floor.

Mud, sand and paint the gaps.  Add door to keep everything safe.


In the end we have a sweet little lobby setup.  Two wireless microphones, auditorium sound feed, and wireless bluetooth audio for music.  Most bluetooth enabled phones can travel the entire lobby and still have good signal, which is quite impressive for being built into an inexpensive mixer.  All in all, I’m certainly very happy with this new setup.

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