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The Ultimate EQ Cheat Sheet for Every Common Instrument

Aaron Staniulis posted this very helpful article over at the Sonicbids blog. If you’re reaching for an EQ knob but not entirely sure where to start at, take a look at this for a good jump off point. The Ultimate EQ Cheat Sheet

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Headset Microphone Placement Guide

Here is a simple guide to help with placement of headset microphones. Microphone placement for speaking is very important as a small change in placement can make a big difference in the tone of someone’s voice. Spending a few seconds to check and double check proper placement will help achieve the most natural sound, which […]

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Setting up a basic mix

To help establish some best practices, I thought I’d share these few steps to getting at least half way to a good sounding mix. 1. Start with your inputs. Make sure everything is plugged in correctly. Identify devices that need phantom power. Check good, close microphone placement for instruments and vocals. Remember that good input […]

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Volume in Worship

So often it seems that volume in worship services declines to a debate of preferences. I found this article really helpful in deepening that conversation into one of how we worship instead of simple personal preference. What if volume in worship became less about preference and more about discipleship?

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Holt Lobby Sound System

It’s been a long time coming, but finally it’s here! ┬áThis last week we installed a new sound system for the lobby that is separate from the auditorium system. ┬áThis will make it a whole lot easier to hold events in the lobby and keep the auditorium systems used only for band practices and weekend […]

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Spectral Management

Awhile ago I ran across this article by Dave Moulton that does an amazing job thinking through EQ and mixing. Certainly worth a reading (and re-reading) if you’re an audio guy. EQ is a life long developed skill, and Dave brings a comprehensive overview that can really help refine those skills. Spectral Management, or, Ways […]

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