He Gave; We Give

He Gave; We Give, a series at Riverview December, 2010.

20101220- He Gave; We Give

We have been using the same two large Christmas trees for several years and usually their location and decoration are symmetrical. For this set, one tree is covered in lights, ornaments, garland and surrounded by an extraordinary quantity of gifts while the other tree is sparsely decorated and has a few meager packages under its branches.


7, a series at Riverview November, 2010 and January, 2011.

201011 - 7

We spent quite a while figuring out what to do for the lit device on top of the truss in this set. The final build was seven black boxes, with only four sides, made using 3/4 inch particle board (since that happened to be some scrap material we had laying around) and 60 watt lamps in workshop light fixtures.

We arranged seven columns of 10 foot truss with symmetrical depth, lateral position, and height on the stage and wired the top boxes to dimmers.

Not That Bad

Not That Bad, a series at Riverview October, 2010.

201010 - Not That Bad - 1

After some careful measuring and cutting we nailed several sheets of painted-black 1.5 inch foam to the back wall.

201010 - Not That Bad - 2

The black contrasted against the white wall giving us visual anchors for the various projected images and animations.

201010 - Not That Bad - 3


Follow, a series at Riverview September, 2010.

201009 - Follow - 1

The Follow set build was fairly simple, four towers of truss of increasing height were assembled on stage left. The towers are 8ft, 10ft, 18ft, and 20ft.

201009 - Follow - 2

The lights were adjusted to focus toward the truss to produce shadows from a variety of angles.

Nuclear Family

Nuclear Family, a series at Riverview July, 2010.

201007 - Nuclear Family - 1

We recently acquired some additional truss for use in our set builds. For the Nuclear Family set build we assembled four twenty foot tall columns of truss on 3 foot steel base plates.

201007 - Nuclear Family - 2

The truss is lit on the inside with four ColorSplash JR LED fixtures and wrapped with a spandex-like fabric. On the left and right, between the columns we set a Coemar iWash HALO. Various lighting cues were set around projection color schemes which changed during the service.

201007 - Nuclear Family - 3


Psalms, a series at Riverview May, 2010.


Our Creative Director, Kristie, designed a custom image for the background projection, we did not do a physical build. I should note that she creates (an impressive) projection theme for all of the series that we do.

How To Kill a Church

How To Kill A Church, a series at Riverview, April 2010.


A local construction company allowed us to borrow a trailer full of rubble and cinder blocks. After hauling the rocks in and getting them arranged (with plastic drop cloth protecting the carpet) we started building our steeple. The steeple was built almost entirely from scrap materials from other sets. The siding is ripped down 1/4in plywood and there are 1x4s trimming the edges. Once the basic structure was together we started on the cupola and “stained glass” window (actually made with plexi glass, light filters/gels and gaff tape.) The finishing touch was shingling the roof and setting the top on. There is a 60watt light inside hooked up to a dimmer.


The projection is different depending on the part of the service we are in and there are some subtle video background effects (birds and waves) during the music sets.


I am…

“I am…” a series at Riverview, March 2010.


We cut out 4ft circles from MDF sheets, painted them white and designed brackets to hang them on the wall with a 3in space between the circles and the wall. The background projection was carefully set up to project onto the circles (different designs each week.)



Psalms, a series at Riverview, February 2010.


Our Creative Director, Kristie, designed a custom image for the background projection, we did not do a physical build. I should note that she creates (an impressive) projection theme for all of the series that we do.


AND, a series at Riverview, January 2010.


From three sheets of 4ft x 8ft x 1.5in foam insulation we cut out nine ampersands of various sizes. The ampersands were given several coats of yellow paint (leftover from the “The Undead” series) and then attached to small pedestals so they would stand upright freely.